The Original Mello{be}

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Improve your posture, reduce your pain

Mello{be} is a cushion company that brings calm and comfort to your sitting experience. Whether you are sitting on the floor, chair, plane, train, or automobile our design patented cushion will encourage your body to align itself so you can sit with more ease.

Comfort is not normally what people think of when they are sitting on the traditional floor meditation cushions. We believe that comfort helps the meditation process by removing one of the obstacles people find with a meditation practice. Our cushion provides both comfort and peace while you sit.

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Outdoor Yoga Cushion

More Than A Meditation Floor Cushion

Our floor meditation cushion is versatile and adapts to your lifestyle!

The 8 lb mello{be} makes a great yoga partner! The heaviness of it helps it stay in place, the angle and curve provide a solid foundation as a support bolster for many postures. It helps support your body in some postures that you may find difficult to get into, allowing you to stay in that posture longer to achieve the benefits of strength and flexibility.

The cushion makes a very comfortable cushion during Shavasana under the head or knees. During meditation or as a lap desk the weighted cushion can be nestled on the lap for comfort and to calm the nervous system.

The Mello{be} can be used outside of yoga and meditation practices! We made this posture cushion to be flexible to different needs and situations. Our versatile floor cushions can be used for playing with kids, comfort at a picnic, gaming, or sitting up in bed.

We all need some extra comfort and support when we sit, and mello{be} is here to help.

How do mello{be} cushions improve my posture?

Proper posture calms the nervous system encouraging rest and digestion instead of fight or flight. The upright positioning that our floor meditation cushion encourages is the key to the calming properties of the cushion and why we call it mello{be}. The patented foam piece and the buckwheat hull insert conform to your butt and thighs to make you comfortable. Buckwheat hulls keep you cool as well as conform to your body. The shape of the cushion tilts the pelvis which encourages the S curve, engaging the core and then lowering the shoulder blades allowing calm in the body and mind. This sitting posture strengthens and trains the body to be in this proper position during the rest of the day. Good posture allows the body to operate the way it is supposed to. The lungs have more space to inflate, the diaphragm moves up and down more easily. The muscles have space to contract and relax. All of the organs have the room to function as they are meant to. All of this encourages the parasympathetic response of the nervous system, allowing us to think clearer and decrease the stress hormone cortisol in our system.

What are mello{be} cushions made of?

We make our cushions with a patented foam piece, cloth liner filled with buckwheat hulls, and a durable external cover. The materials of each cover vary by color. The buckwheat hulls also keep you cool. Mello{be} keeps its shape with high-grade foam and fabrics.

We can add your name or logo on the top or side. This way you can identify your mello{be} floor meditation cushion from others.