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It is well known our society is spending far too much time sitting in chairs. Often, furniture does not support our bodies in a healthy way. The chairs at the office or school, the poor support in “comfy” couches and our sedentary lifestyle, is causing an increase in disability due to back pain. That’s where Mello{be} comes in to save the day.
cushions for back pain

Our Mission

Our goal is to ease pain and increase comfort through versatile floor and office chair cushions. The mello{be} and the worker{be} cushions both promote upright posture that allows for better circulation and alignment. Both cushions have a patented sit bones and tailbone support insert that provides more than comfort. The extra support allows you to direct your focus on present moment awareness or work, rather than constant readjustment of the body. You’ll be surprised by how many experiences can be improved by sitting more comfortably.

We further our mission by offering guided meditation sessions in the greater San Antonio area. Learning to meditate can reduce stress, ease pain, improve focus, and improve your mood.

A DIY Solution For Discomfort

After many years of meditation, Julia stopped using her traditional round zafu due to sciatic pain. She began sitting in a chair with cushions for meditation but wondered why there wasn’t a more supportive meditation floor cushion. Then, when one of her kids, Corey, was 16 she was suffering from a debilitating illness. Julia knew mindful meditation would help her with her physical and emotional symptoms, but the traditional cushion was once again too hard and Corey felt unstable on it. Again she wondered if there would ever be a meditation cushion to ease pain.

In 2014, Julia began experimenting and modifying other cushions. After a year of trial and error, she finalized her own design and The mello{be} was born. As Julia began using it for meditation she noticed her sciatic pain was going away.

The first mello{be} was created to alleviate pain in her family and herself. But, as she felt her posture straighten, her meditation practice improved she realized this had to be shared.

Girl sitting on a mellobe cushion

Our Customers Feel The Difference

After the mello{be} launched, our customers began to realize more and more that they felt the difference between sitting on their mello{be} and sitting in chairs. They noticed less pain during the work day, having an easier time during a yoga session, and even being able to relax in bed all night without readjusting all the time.
mellobe julia

About Julia

Julia is a registered nurse, certified mindfulness coach, and mother to all! She is passionate about improving people’s lives through education, mindfulness, and stress reduction. When not building mello{be} and teaching meditation, Julia lives in San Antonio, TX and spends time with her greatest joys:her two kids.

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