The Worker{be}

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Smaller, lighter, perfect for your work space

We sit in chairs most of the time. If not an office chair, then a dining room chair or couch for many who work from home, and of course stressful drives in a car seat. We normally sit with the angle of our pelvis to our legs (less than 90 degrees), this causes hip flexor shortening, lower back muscle weakening, and decreased glute engagement which are all main causes of back pain.

The worker{be} lowers your knees from your hips, helps engage the core and glute muscles. This chair cushion allows you to sit with less stress on your body and mind and help improve productivity and overall health and wellness. It’s everything you could want from an ergonomic seat cushion.

Many of the fancy office chairs aren’t supportive and won’t relieve or manage long-term back pain. We designed the worker{be} cushion to be an alternative to the expensive ergonomic office chair. We upgrade your chair without you needing to “upgrade your chair”.

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Cushions for work chair

From Work to Travel

The Worker{be} Will Follow

Take your worker{be} with you! It is only 3 lbs and can be easily attached to a suitcase or backpack with a carabiner we provide with each order. On a plane, this ergonomic seat cushion can be used as back support, butt support, and head support if you sit at a window seat.

You can put it in your lap to use as a lap desk, or on the fold-down tray to lean forward to take a nap. It also provides comfort in the airport on those hard chairs or as a cushion if you have a long layover.

In the car, the worker{be} seat cushion can really save the day and trip with the comfort and support it gives the driver as well as passengers. The worker{be} is perfect for camping because of the long-lasting and durable material it’s made out of.

We believe that things you purchase with your hard-earned money should be versatile. The mello{be} and worker{be} are only limited by your imagination.

How do Worker{be} Cushions Relieve Daily Pain?

Very much like our Mello{be} meditation cushions, the smaller, lighter ergonomic Worker{be} seat cushions have a patented foam insert at their base that tilts your pelvis forward, opening your hips, straightening your back, and relaxing your shoulders.

We spend a lot of time sitting for many reasons, especially lately. If you are going to sit this much, do yourself a favor, be comfortable and supported. We don’t think the worker{be} is a want, we believe it is a need. Many of our customers tell us it has changed their lives.

They no longer look at their office chair and dread working in it all day anymore. They feel they are more productive at work and can participate more outside of work. Use the science of ergonomics to improve your life.

What are Worker{be} cushions made of?

We make our ergonomic seat cushions with a patented foam piece with cloth liner filled with buckwheat hulls, and a durable external cover. The materials of each cover vary by color.