Mello{be} Meditation Cushions Fit to Your Lifestyle

Did you know that a proper sitting posture has incredible benefits for your body and mental health? Unfortunately, most meditation and posture cushions don’t offer the support you need. That’s where Mello{be} comes to save the day! Our versatile cushions can be used throughout the day for many different activities

pregnat woman sitting on mellobe cushion

The Original Mello{be}

Turn the clock back a little with the good habit of sitting on the floor with our patented floor meditation cushion. Sitting on the floor more often, getting up and down many times a day, can increase your hip flexibility, leg strength, core strength, and balance. This was the cushions that started it all! Check out how and why this cushion can help you refresh your body and mind.

The Worker{be}

It’s not a big shock that we spend most of our time in a day sitting in a chair. That’s why we decided to make The Worker{be} a smaller more portable support cushion that can go wherever you go. Built the same as their full sized sibling, these ergonomic chair cushions can surprise you with how much extra support they give you throughout the day. Upgrade your office chair, daily commute, and more!
workerbe on the floor with tech around it

Our Customers Feel The Difference

After the mello{be} launched, our customers began to realize more and more that they felt the difference between sitting on their worker{be} and sitting in chairs.