mello{be} Newport Chic with Grey Carhartt Canvas


This beautiful cushion is packed full of buckwheat hulls, making it incredibly customizable, and a slanted foam piece, which is the real star of the show. The foam tilts your pelvis forward, allowing your hips to expand, shoulders to drop, and a healthy s-curve to form in your spine. In short, it promotes great posture without you having to do all the work. This triggers neurological benefits like improved decision-making ability lowered stress, as well as relief from back and shoulder pain. Use it on the floor to meditate, to sit up in bed, on the couch, or on the floor to finally play face-to-face with your kids or your fur baby. It has a sturdy Carhartt canvas on the sides and bottom for durability.

It is 26 inches at the widest point and 20 inches at the longest point. It weighs about 7 lbs.

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Return Policy:
We’re so confident in mello{be} that if you don’t love your cushion, you can return it at any time at no cost as long as it is in good condition.